Charitable Work

The CUBS have made it part of their mission to be 'doers' and to give back some of what they receive during the year, especially during Ragbrai. For the past 3 years, CUBS has worked to raise funds for one of Iowa's most respected charitable organizations, Camp Courageous. Located in Monticello Iowa, the camp serves 5000 persons with multiple disabilities each year. The camp is totally supported by private funding, receiving no the local, state, or federal dollars. The CUBS have raised a combined total of over $125,000 during the past 16 years of association with Camp Courageous. CUBS riders have been increasingly generous in their giving each year! Visit the camp and learn more about how you can help by clicking on the link on our home page.

Here's a comment from William Yapp about Camp Courageous...

My son's family visited the CUBS dinner a few years ago when we were staying in a suburb of Cedar Rapids. My daughter in law, Bridget, witnessed the CUBS auction raising donations for Camp Courageous. As a result,she looked into Camp Courageous and was impressed with the good work they do. She and her family are now regular contributors.

Your efforts have inspired who knows how many Bridget to contribute to Camp Courageous without your knowledge. Not only do you raise money for them, but you create publicity for them as well. Job well done.