CUBS Rider Information

How to pack for RAGBRAI

Words of Wisdom from Uncle Jerry! (30+ rides)

Pack in duffel bags, not suitcases. Because our bags are loaded onto the truck every day, we impose a limit of two bags at 50 lbs per bag per rider. Please be mindful of our SAG crew who have to load and unload all of our bags from our truck each day.

We recommend bringing one bag for clothing, an another for bedding and sleeping gear (tent & mattress, pillow, sleeping bag etc.). In anticipation of rain and dew, pack jerseys, shorts, socks, underwear etc., in seal-lock plastic bags.

Recommended packling list

    Camping Gear

  • Tent w/rain fly (available for rent at REI). Consider spare tent poles.
  • A tarp to place under your tent
  • As you'll be riding for seven consecutive days you may want to consider an inflatable pad or Thermarest (Check these out)
  • Duffel bags for all of your gear. As noted above, do not bring hard-sided luggage. Pack your tent separately from clothing and sleeping bag because rain is common in Iowa at this time of year
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bug repellant for your tent. Tent light and fan for hot nights
  • 5+ gallon zip lock bags for packing clothing. Veterans swear by these. Check this out.
  • Cell phone and charger. Verison users will be happy. ATT users will hold a smartphone frisbee contest by day three. Store your phone in a plastic bag.
  • Ear plugs
  • Apparel and stuff

  • 3-5 pairs of black bike shorts and jerseys, socks. What's wrong with red?
  • Travel size detergant and hydration gear cleaning supplies.
  • Towel for showering. We recommend Towel Camp
  • Shorts and T shirts for six days.
  • Paraglider! Yup, two of our riders don't leave home without theirs.
  • Personal Care

  • Johnson & Johnson or Walgreens 100% pure corn starch powder (use your imagination).
  • Medicaitons, including a spare set of contact lenses.
  • Gear for the ride.

  • Helmet, cycling shoes, sunglasses, riding gloves, rain gear, and hydration system.
  • Cash for buying food on the ride. Some of us use a waterproof wallet for carrying cash, ID and insurance card on the ride.
  • Power bars and hydration powders. Count on gaining weight during the week from all the food on the ride.
  • Sunblock - the highest SPF available.
  • Flip flops. Huh? Some like to take their cycling shoes off at the noon stop.
  • Wipes to use as TP.
  • Butt butter.