Host Families

CUBS could not ride RAGBRAI without the help of dozens of host families who have opened their yards, homes and bathrooms to us over the years. We are grateful for the hospitality!

"I cannot remember if I had a chance to say thank you for the gift and the opportunity to meet so many folks in your group! All were so friendly. What a great bunch. We truly enjoyed our first experience with Ragbrai! Your support group did a wonderful job for you and for us. Everything was cleaned up well, with hardly any evidence that so many were our front yard."

Jerry Turry, Godfather of the CUBS
"We have enjoyed and copied all of the mail you have sent. Your web page is terrific. I have attached a picture for you, hope it comes through. You and your team have been thought of and talked about a lot. The time passed too quickly. We enjoyed each and every one that camped here and wish we could have the opportunity again.
Stay well, God Bless"

Randy & Carol, Sargent Bluff IA.
Carol made dinner for our entire group on our first night. Carol is a well known caterer in Sargeant Bluff.

Wayne and Dorothy, Ida Grove, Iowa

Steve & Margee Shafer of Audubon, IA