About Us

The CUBS are the Chicago Urban Bicycling Society. We are a volunteer-led community of riders who join together each year to ride RAGBRAI, enjoy the hospitality of the people of Iowa, and give a little bit back to the state that welcomes the world every July.

When you join the CUBS, you don't send a check to a charter company. You join a team. We support each other, and we support our Iowa partner, Camp Courageous, a year-round camp for individuals with disabilities. every cent you pay goes to cover the costs of the trip.

Non-profit doesn't mean non-comfort. We ride to the start and from the finish in a luxury bus. We arrange to camp in hosts' yards (and use their indoor facilities). We always spend at least one night in a hotel, and we also have stayed in gyms, funeral homes, country clubs, dorms and boathouses. We hire a top-notch crew to transport our luggage, do our shopping, set up our breakfast and snack tables, and do everything to keep us running. For an extra fee, you can arrange for a massage with our licensed massage therapist, or get the crew to set up your tent.

This is not a race - you can even ride with our crew if you want a day off from the ride. We hope that you will join the CUBS. Send us a message to find out how.

Current Board Members

Jim Arendt - 4 years
Derick Bonewitz - 9 years
Chris Cole
Charles Darwall, Web Manager - 4 years
David Freedman
David Goodman, Treasurer - 19 years
Anna Hanley - 22 years
David Hersemann
Pam Justen - 9 years
Dana Nelson
Kevin Patton - 4 years
Bradley Prendergast, President, 24 years
Bill Rago - 8 years
Manny Rocha
Laura Schalekamp
Ed Schober
Gretchen Wahl